Trilioni News

Tim Trilioni moves to acquire BeatPapi.

Tim Trilioni says he would like to take Beat Papi to “new heights and revolutionize industry standards. “Artists are unhappy with their outcomes. Many don’t know where their money has gone, why such hefty bills are being tacked on to their tabs, and most importantly, the communication between label and artist is less than favorable for many musicians Trilioni stated in Monday’s music conference to Wizard Words board members (September 21, 2020).

Trilioni then stated  “we are simply modernizing the industry. We are working with artists and labels, with the artist as a primary here. We offer consultation to artists, providing smart contracts to musicians, and providing alternative streams of income to these acts so that they are not totally reliant upon their label’s payments to earn the extra income they desire and rightly deserve. Labels are important. However, artists should be able to enterprise to their full capacity without roadblocks (September 21, 2020).”

Be spellbound by the dark rich and soulful sounds of artist Tim Trilioni. He brings a powerful but subtle edge to today’s music scene blending contemporary R and B, Hip Hop, New Orleanian Blues, Jazz, Afro-rhythm, Samba and Classical sounds together for an interesting listening experience.

Tim Trilioni. Take your time to indulge.


“The artist ignites rhapsody and soulful vibrance in every song!”– Rhonda, Philadelphia